AfriGrowth Foundation is a Non-profit organization committed to enhancing growth in needy communities. Founded on the belief that one of the greatest challenges we face in the world is poverty , we focus on eliminating poverty by initiating and supporting empowerment programs which develop techniques for self sufficiency.


"To provide education as a means of enhancement and development and to establish a mentoring support system that would enhance self sufficiency among youth through various mentoring initiatives"

35 libraries in LEA Primary Schools

13,000 Vulnerable Children Lives Touched

7,000 Nigerian Youth Mentored

How you can support us...

No one has ever become poor by giving.

Child Development Youth Development


Learning Centre

It is a great training resource for building the human capacity.

Library Literacy Programs

An education program which encourages "Back to Reading Culture".

Youth Mentoring

This is an empowerment program for youths which helps them to.

Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Cognizance should be paid to Children for they are the future.


Indeed this is an amazing organization, A foundation made for everyone both the poor, the rich and the underprivileged. I have benefited a lot from this platform today, because here today i understand that my fears cannot do me any good but to make me a failure, After today my fears can no longer take me back. now i know i can do whatever i have passion for, irrespective of anyone opinion.

Dim Rita Ijeoma

It is true that I have attended numerous training’s, workshops and seminars in time past but AfriGrowth Foundation exposed and broaden my horizon in the use of mentoring techniques.


The program has been a lot more inspiring and  more motivational generally. It has helped to expand my mindset and also expose other hidden way i can excel in my choice of career especially in the Agricultural sector and every other business and career i will like to venture into.

Immaculate Ugochi Anthony

My Experience after the DDI program was something I can never forget because it was a life time opportunity availed me by AfriGrowth Foundation. The program taught me a lot about life and how to deal with the next person.


The impact of setting up of these libraries in various schools cannot be overemphasized. AfriGrowth has done a lot especially in Bwari Area Council. I sincerely commend Mrs. Dayo Keshi for making efforts to revive the reading culture in Nigeria, as it is obviously going down the drain.


Since AfriGrowth Foundation brought library to my school, it has changed my reading completely. I was poor in my reading and writing, but with the use of the library, I am confident of my writing and spelling skills.

L.E.A Primary School, Tukpechi.

It is perfectly organized. Every session benefited me, most especially the interactive session, i got to pour out questions that have been in my mind for a long time now. This program has given me fulfillment by becoming what i wish to become through the lectures.

Omirigbe Kenneth

I want to thank God for a day like this, because it is indeed a great day for my school. AfriGrowth Foundation has done a lot to improve the lives of these children and I know it will go a long way in encouraging the children to use the library in order to perfect their reading skills. The books are good and wonderful. Although I’m very grateful, I still desire to say, just like the famous Oliver Twist, that it is not enough.
May God bless you in all your endeavours. Thank you very much

Thanks to AfriGrowth today, with the help of this program  my passion has been rekindled, the way to success laid bare and i am going out full-throttle to make impact in the riotous world of business.


Infact, the program is mainstreaming the gap between “Amateur” and “Professionalism”. It strives to enlighten the mindset of the participant through it’s capacity building/storm breaking and interactions; The program to me had succeeded in building bridges which link the imagination of participant to reality

Engr. Uchechukwu Obiajulu

I sincerely want to thank AfriGrowth Foundation for what they did in my school. Before their intervention, most of students were unable to handle books not to mention reading, but now they get so excited about the library that we have to very vigilant in order to monitor how the pupils use their library time.

Mr. Kura Emmanuel

I got to know about AfriGrowth Foundation online, I think it was from Face book, a friends page in June 2012. It was a call for application of the DDI project. I applied on the last day and I scaled through.
AfriGrowth Foundation added a lot of value to me




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