AfriGrowth Foundation Supported Orphans & Vulnerable Children

AfriGrowth Foundation team arrived Kiyi community were children (twins,triplets and albinos) are being killed when given birth to. We met with Mr. Olusola Stevens (Known as Daddy in the Home) who is doing trmendous effort to stop this practice, the items donated to the home included: rice, palm oil, ground nut oil, semmo vita, diapers, royco seasoning cubes, sugar, tomato paste, salt, beverages, soft drinks, babies and adult clothes, children toys and bed sheets.

AfriGrowth Foundation Team with some of the children of the Vine Heritage home
E.D AfriGrowth Foundation with Mr Olusola Stevens the Home Founder

The Vine heritage home founder Mr. Olusola Stevens expressed his joy and gratitude towards AfriGrowth Foundation for their support and interest in the children, he apologized for the Heritage’s mummy’s absence and explained that it was due to some health appointment. He shared the history of the home, how he found the first baby and what inspired him to continue in that path.

After the introduction, he took AfriGrowth Staff round the Heritage home where children of different ages were seen, Mrs. Oly Sanni, AfriGrowth ED; met with some of the kids and some of them that attended AfriGrowth Foundation funfair couldn’t hold their joy seeing her again.


It was a memorable event and with your support, we can still do more.



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