Having an impact

To achieve the goal of empowerment for all African children, we are deeply committed to techniques that have the power to drive the continent forward. Through this broad structure our Foundation has expansive goals which reflect our deep devotion to empower the African child.

1. Library Establishment – To put a book in every child’s hand

2. Reading Culture – Bring back the art of reading for pleasure

With each of these encompassing goals we have developed strategies to enable us work effectively. Together with our funders and partners, we aspire to have a powerful impact in important areas of community life including: substantial improvement in the reading culture, establishing well equipped libraries and introducing technology to them at tender age.

In everything we do, our focus is to increase community growth and national improvements which will in turn give everybody a taste of education.

Through the resources received, we give back to underserved communities. Firstly by working closely with our donors to increase the impact of their giving and encourage humanity throughout the region. We also invest our granted funds in programs and special initiatives that are closely in accord with the result we seek.

As we begin a new year 2017, we are bringing in educative games (scrabble games) to help us fast track the reading abilities of our children as we continue our work, one of our objectives is to provide education as a means of development.

We will continue to make impact in the lives of people in needy communities, we urge you to support our mission and vision by donating to this cause

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