Having an Humanitarian Attitude (AfriGrowth Foundation)

Do we have to be wealthy before we absorb the attitude of a humanitarian? NO, being a humanitarian means you are working to improve human welfare no matter the location, color or language. Drop the fear of having to attain certain status in life before you can improve the life of the person next to you.

There are three key ways to becoming a good humanitarian and are as listed below:

1. Start Locally

2. Have the humanitarian mindset

3. Expand your volunteering reach

How can you volunteer locally?

Be consistent about your time, skills and resources as this can help you to develop a close relationship with people in your community and which can be more rewarding for you. Look at a cause that you have passion for and volunteer your time at a local organization to help.

Have the humanitarian mindset?

Your intentions matters when it comes to humanitarian, you must not be selfish, like trying to get recognition or influence, instead look for ways you can benefit others without laying emphasis on what you will get in return. You have to approach humanitarian work with the mindset of giving, helping and hope to improve people around you. The nature of humanitarian work is to look for ways to end human suffering; sometimes you need to imagine you are the person in difficult position of the person you seek to help to better understand their situation.


Expand your volunteering reach

Firstly, humanitarian work is about volunteering to share your expertise by making the biggest impact possible with your time and effort.

Look for an organization that support the causes you care about, many organizations like AfriGrowth Foundation has volunteering programs that can place you in an area you can help.

It’s time to volunteer your time by showing you care for the less priviledged in our society.