Renewing the Mindset of the Youth via Enculturation of the Nigerian Value System

 “Build the youth, build the nation; destroy the youth, destroy the nation.” These are strong words, which reveal most extensively, the role to be played by youth in nation building. In a nation, the youth represent its powerhouse; the source of its strength. They are the foundation on which the nation can grow, politically, socially and economically. In summation, the youths are the greatest assets that any nation possesses and hence should be the primary investment of the nation. 

However in events where the youth are not empowered to fulfill their niche, they may become liabilities. Most unfortunately, over the years, the state of Nigerian youth has depreciated. 

This can be elaborately proven with the involvement of youth in societal evils and vices, such as armed robbery, political thuggery, conflict, militant activities etc., which have been on a daily geometric increase in Nigeria. The youth that should be the priority of a nation, are the most neglected, ignored and ostracized.

The Nigerian youth must be empowered to take their place as national assets, symbols of determination, and the power-house for economic growth.  The youth have life! They have energy, strength and drive. What they lack is guidance, direction and focus. One of the paths, which should be taken in achieving this feat, is to change the value orientation of Nigerian youth. This suggests that the youth must be intensely enlightened to embrace attitudinal change, so as to do away with those human imposed behavioral deficiencies frustrating progress in our society.