Child Development, A Call to Action

Afrigrowth Foundation
Enhancing Growth and Changing Lives

At AfriGrowth Foundation, we are committed to develop children and increase every child literacy which will help them to shape out their future dreams. We have met who children who wanted to become teachers, nurses, lawyers, engineers, etc. But because of their environmental factors, they find themselves in places they don’t want to be.

Children are the “future of the nation”, that sounds like a popular saying but an unpopular doing because we have put little effort in the development of our children.

As a child grows older they develop in different ways which includes physical, intellectual, social and emotional changes. And they tend to learn from the experiences they have during this developmental stages, we believe this is the best time to tap into their mind and help them dream and also work to achieve their dreams.

One of the best ways to develop a child is by storytelling and reading books, the picture scenario above marks another crucial stage in the development of a child which is identifying pictures and telling stories with it. This is very important from the standpoint of the child psychological development, in this crucial stage it’s very important that the adult (parent, guarding and teacher) react to what the child is pointing to as this will also help to develop the communicative skills of the child.

Young children who are regularly read to have a larger vocabulary, higher levels of phonological, letter name, and sound awareness, and better success at decoding words. Young children living in poverty are less likely to be read to by a family member every day than are children living at or above the poverty line.

The number of words in a child’s vocabulary can be an important indicator of later academic success according to “child trend report” and this is why AfriGrowth Foundation encourages reading to the children at early ages, you can see the picture above.

We believe in the future of these children and this is why for many years till now, we have been working closely with underserved communities and we have been able to create a favorable environment for children to read.

An African child who can read is a future leader who thinks, and to increase literacy of children in these schools, the foundation needs a variety of books, which is gotten from donations. The Foundation is appealing to well-meaning Nigerians to donate a book or books to help stock these libraries to give children a chance at literacy.