A call to Nigerian youth to positively impact the nation

"The youth are recognized not only as future leaders but also as actors and foundation of our society, with a direct stake in the development process of our great nation."
Aisha Ismail
FMR Minister of Women Affairs

Nigerian youth play a vital role in the prospect for development in the nation. Hence, they must be included as major actors in the planning, conception and initiation of national development programs. The emerging global accord on youth development clearly emphasizes the need to ensure the inclusion of youth perspectives in the development process along with the effective participation of youth in national development. Over the years, most especially in the past decade, there has been a geometric increase in global awareness about the dynamic role of youth in sustainable development. However, current reality in Nigeria shows a lapse approach in the inclusion and engagement of youth, which has had an adverse impact on their effective participation in national development.

A key term to note here is the perception of youth on their roles and responsibilities towards building the Nigeria state. In order for Nigerian youth to play more substantive roles in the Nigerian state and take their place as the power-house of the nation, there is dire need for youth to acknowledge that they are the solution to the current challenges rocking the nation.

The youth must go beyond just being hidden voices, lamenting the state of the nation on social media or online discussion platforms, but rather put forward a lasting solution to the problems discussed. Nigerian youth are that lasting solution! It is common knowledge that drops of water make an ocean; the youth must perceive themselves as the drops of water, which together form an ocean that can sweep away any island of challenges and problems currently faced in Nigeria.

The time is nigh for youth to impact the nation, one drop of water at a time, which can cause a positive ripple effect in their immediate environment.  How can this be done? It’s quite simple; youth should begin to positively impact their immediate environment or rather space influence. It could be in the workplace, social gathering or even the home. The youth can achieve this noble feat by using their energy, brains, imagination and talents, whilst wearing the cloak of virtues and moral values. Through simple acts of servitude, obedience to the law and the zeal to lead patriotic lives of emulation, Nigerian youth can indeed positively impact their immediate environs, causing positive ripples of impact, which will consequently water grounds for a stable society. Every Nigerian youth should take a self-assessment with this question: how can I positively impact my society today?

AfriGrowth Foundation, which is in the front line of instituting a course of renewed action centered on adding values to the lives of Nigerian youth, has developed series of youth-focused programs premised on enhancing the capacity of youth to impact the society.
Thus, an answer to this imperative question can be found in the vision pursuit of AfriGrowth Foundation to entrench a positive approach to youth development, which applies holistic strategies to the complex set of youth needs. This approach recognizes the need to ensure that the youth develop the skills, values, and attitudes they need to succeed today, not just tomorrow.
Presently, the Foundation is organizing a Strategic Session; captioned Repositioning Nigerian Youth Strategic Session anchored on repositioning Nigerian youth as national assets.
One of the core thrust of this event is to inculcate in participants a culture of citizenship, servitude, moral value and patriotism. In AfriGrowth Foundation, we believe that Nigerian youth are the powerhouse of the nation and be an energy source of positive influence once they are fully repositioned to take their place as national assets.
Agbo Bob Agbo
For: AfriGrowth Foundation