The alarming rate of children in dire need of care

The daily increase of vulnerable children in our environ/ community.

Is it amazing how

Have you ever imagined?

Have you ever woken up in the morning from your bed and taught of what to eat drink or wear without arriving at an answer? Or as simple as who to talk to, share your plans, smiles, pains, moods etc.?  I know this might sound strange and amazing to most of us out there , but the truth/ fact  still remains that over 140 million children around the world are in dare need of new family, shelter and care who go through this on a daily basis with Nigeria having 17.5 million (UNICEF).

The orphanage is one of the numerous social institutions that have emerged over the years to carter for their social needs of orphans who lack care givers. The number is on the increase on a daily basis as a result of the moral decadence of the society, parents are not able to cater for the needs of their children and sometimes abandon them due to cultural beliefs, poverty and natural disaster.

Most of us, if honest with ourselves will acknowledge that our lives were shaped at some point by someone who took the time and effort to into our lives. This might have been a parent, guardian, teacher, community leader, etc. The vulnerable children that are in dare lives amongst the mist of plenty having access to none.

Since 2012 AfriGrowth Foundation has chosen to support Orphans and Vulnerable children in Nigeria to see that these precious children are cared for, loved, feed, clothed and directed on a path for a hope-filled future that will bring about a change for the next generation. We chose to start with the children in front of us by providing educational and nutritional supports.  Will you join us in providing them with the basic needs?

AfriGrowth Foundation is committed to partnering with teachers, individuals, officers, parents, supermarkets, companies, schools  and government officials who desire to make a difference in the lives of those in need. With your help, we can see MORE than JUST of these children become teachers, doctors, nurses, farmers, pilots, scientists, and future leaders.