The Impact Learning Resource Centers on Youth Development

"There is a need to recognize and value non-formal learning in a creative and innovative way, raising the visibility of skills acquired outside the formal system and fostering complementarity between non-formal and formal learning, while at the same time promoting equal opportunities. "
- Rethinking Education, 20.11.2012, COM (2012) 669
Afrigrowth Foundation
Enhancing Growth. Changing Lives

We are living in the information age. This concept simply implies that people who are the most current, the most accurate and who have the most detailed information, will prosper ahead of those who go about life with half-baked and unreliable information. Knowledge is power, but access to knowledge is empowerment. Furthermore, it is widely acknowledged that citizens, who can make educated use of opportunities for effective participation, sustain democratic, tolerant and just societies. Thus the establishment of a Learning Resource Centre is most imperative, as the youth are not only given access to knowledge, but also empowered to effectively apply the knowledge acquired for the development of their respective communities.

Learning resource centers can provide access to computers and peer help. Learning resource centers benefit youth by supplementing the learning process. They function as a place to introduce, reinforce and expand youth learning and can be school or community based. An abundance of research provides solid evidence that learning resource centers play a prominent role in positively shaping the lives of youth and young people.

The AfriGrowth Learning and Resource Centre was established with a sole mandate to stimulate activities geared towards human development focusing on four broad areas: empowerment, entrepreneurship, employability and enterprise development. The heart of the Centre is basically the provision of quality information, that empowers the participants in a multi-dimensional sphere; socially, politically, economically, culturally and morally.


Among young people are potential philosophers, artists, writers, entrepreneurs, craftsmen and women – people who will create, who will add value to the society, socially, morally, economically and of course politically. The Learning and Resource Centre will support youth development by helping to transform young peoples’ potential, creativity, talents, initiative and social responsibility, through the acquisition of related knowledge, skills, attitudes and values.