Girls Interest in Technology: A Clarion Call For All

Believe it or not only 7% of tech positions in Nigeria are filled by women. And while more women are working today less are working in technology. And it’s not all about technical skills, the general make up of staff across all roles show an overwhelming male majority.

So, where are all the girls?

The biggest challenge here is the falling trend of females taking up technology based courses. Despite doing better than their male counterparts in the STEM subjects in early education less females opt for technical courses at university

If they do take the course they are outnumbered leading to intimidation and drop outs. This leads to a gender biased talent pool to recruit from and so the cycle persists.

What is the answer?

Starting early is the key so the focus should be on our education system. There is much talk about STEAM but  will add to this by suggesting that we should be looking at introducing innovative technology into schools that enables students to engage in a creative, technical and personalized environment will help enormously. 

We believe that if we want women in tech tomorrow, there should be girls in tech today. AfriGrowth Foundation has designed GirlTechAfrica as a signature project, under the STEAM concept, to avail girl student access to computers, ICT training and digital literacy, which will enable them access and use computer technologies more effectively in the vanguard of building their productivity.

So it is our duty to encourage the next generation of girls to embrace technology and their gender within this tech world. We need your support in achieving this goal.