A Call for More Care Givers

Vulnerability can be defined as the diminished capacity of an individual or group to anticipate, cope with, resist and recover from the impact of a natural or man-made hazard. The concept is relative and dynamic, it can also be seen as the quality or state of being exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally. However it’s not a crime or sin to be vulnerable as most people especially children are faced with such a situation due to one ugly incidents or another. They wake up every day not knowing were their next meal is coming from, what to wear even where to lay their head is a problem. If you don’t belong to this group of people then be thankful because you’re highly privileged, but if otherwise I understand your pains. Not based on experience for they say experience is the best teacher but having the privilege of working with such people.


The word orphans is not a new word as it doesn’t sound strange to most of us, but it amazing how many of them we have around in the world we live in today. Most of them feel dejected and rejected and are more vulnerable to bad fortune due to lack of love care and concerns, today 153 million children worldwide are orphans who are deprived of basic needs due to the absence of caregivers in their lives. There are serious consequences for the rights and development of such children, an orphan is a child who has one or two deceased parents.


Of the 153 million orphans who live in developing countries, an estimated 13 million have lost both parents. They experience serious violations of many of their rights, not having the means to feed themselves properly. These children usually live homeless in the streets in most cases, education is sacrificed first. Orphans must meet not only their own needs but often those of younger siblings in their care. If you find out most children involved in child trafficking are orphans, nannies and house helps belong to this group of people who are in dare need of love. In most situations is either one parents or both parents are dead and the child comes to the city from the village in search of survival and ends up in one bad situation or another which he/she didn’t plan for.


That’s why in AfriGrowth Foundation giving is a priority through our Orphans and Vulnerable Child Care Program (OVC). We achieve this via donation of food items, toiletries, beverages, clothes and shoes in good conditions, cash giving which can done monthly from as low as N500 as nothing is too small or too big. For no one has ever become poor by giving as happiness does not result from what we get but what we give, join us in this campaign/ drive of increasing caregivers which in the long run will reduce drastically the number of orphans in dire need of love and care.   Sign up today and join us in the mandate of enhancing growth and changing lives, thank you turning the tears into smiles on the faces of the people we serve through your donations.


By Jennifer Omale

For: AfriGrowth Foundation

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