Education for children is a foundation through which any country can attain development, when you are educated, you become literate which gives you the ability to read and write, listen and speak then you would have communicated.


AfriGrowth Foundation have identified that child literacy in Nigeria is at a constant decrease in terms of standards especially in public schools in the rural communities, children with poor reading skills or habits receive poor grades and more often become a problem to their communities and the larger society. With the main focus on improving literacy level in Nigeria through the establishment of library facilities in LEA Schools, AfriGrowth Foundation Introduced an annual Literacy Reading Competition to test the level of improvement in reading comprehension and phonics development in Public Primary Schools


Reading Competitions in primary schools is a continuation from a special project powered by AfriGrowth Foundation called Library Literacy Project aimed at improving child literacy in Nigeria. The competition is usually organized yearly in different Area councils within the FCT or cities in states where the school library intervention project has been sustained.

The AfriGrowth Foundation Literacy Reading Competition focuses on the children ages 3 to 13 years, the root of education is very key to AfriGrowth Foundation especially, because the level of inputs always determines the level of outputs, well-grounded young ones will eventually produce dynamic graduates. In the presence of smart and articulated judges from different authorized institutions both public and privates, the  children are tested using story books, on fluency in reading, summary of an entire chapter read, pronunciations, observing punctuations, formation of sentence using two to three word, words opposite in meaning and word spellings.


Every competition organized is always keenly contested, school participants strive to do their best by ensuring that the winning “Trophy” is obtained by their school.

Observation shows that every child is willing and always interested in reading only if they are provided with the basic resources, conducive environment and constantly are encouraged with the right attitude from parents, teachers, family members and every adult.

Pupils and Judges from the 5TH Edition of the AfriGrowth Foundation Literacy Reading Competition Gwagwalada Abuja, Nigeria

Let’s encourage reading, help inculcate reading culture in our young ones.

Comments from people

“The Programme is great and will help pupils put more effort in their studies – Olatunji Akinbowale S. (Teacher LEA Primary school Anagada, Abuja)”

“The Competition is Commendable – Dr Hassan Suleman (School Services, UBEB FCT)”

“Library in my school has woken the reading culture in me, it helps me develop more reading skills – Azubike Agnes (Pupil, lea primary school Anagada)”

“I recommend that this reading competition should continue because it encourages pupils to read – Agbara Mercy Amarachi (Teacher, LEA Primary school Estate Gwagwalada Abuja)”

“This kind of competition should be extended to more pupils in public and private schools – Mr Josiah Egbe (School Services LEA Gwagwalada office).


                                                                                                Hadi Bello

                                                                                                For: AfriGrowth Foundation



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