AfriGrowth Foundation Youth Mentoring Series II

“If you want to leave a Legacy, invest in those that will inherit it.”

Mrs. Dayo Keshi, President AfriGrowth Foundation (March 28, 2019)


       …African Youths Inspiring and Motivating other Youths to become Sources of Positive Impact  


A nation’s glory and viability is completely hinged on the vibrant and vision driven youth population. A nation is not made great because of the number of the rich or poor but made great by the ordinary citizens with adequate insight and purpose incline. Africa’s robust Youth environment and increasing Youth population makes her the most youthful populated continent in the world. According to the United Nations in 2015; 226 million Youths aged 15-24 years lived in Africa, representing nearly 20% of Africa’s population; thus, making up one-fifth of the world’s Youth population. If one includes all people aged below 35 years, this number increases to a staggering three quarters of Africa’s population. African Youths provide huge social, economic and political capital required to drive socio-political and economic development in the continent and are currently striving to become impact creators. Africa’s greatest asset lies in its youthful demography, as the Youth are the cornerstone to societal rejuvenation.


As part of its value-adding programs for Youth development in 2019, AfriGrowth Foundation has developed the Youth Mentoring Series to avail Youths the noble opportunity to be mentored by distinguished experts, innovators, and leaders in the public, private, and non-profit sectors, in a journey of collective exploration, reflection and growth. The resultant impact of the Series is to build a new generation of self-dependent and hyper-productive Youths in Africa. Based on the current COVID-19 Pandemic, this transformed into the Online Youth Mentoring Series. Presently, the Foundation is set to organize the second edition- tagged the Online Youth Mentoring Series II anchored on the theme: Young African Illuminators.


African Youths have the creativity, the potential and the capacity to make change happen – for themselves, for their communities, and for the rest of the world. Presently in Africa, many Youths have taken up the mantra of effecting positive change in diverse ways and have created laudable impact locally, nationally and even regionally. These African Youths have distinguished themselves in their fields of endeavour and have improved the livelihood of people via the facilitation of credible programs and activities, which have left an indelible impression on the lives of many Africans.

In AfriGrowth Foundation, we believe that every Youth has a ‘circumference of influence’ which is a designated space either in the family, workplace, association, group or community where they can directly impact the lives of others positively. Aligned to this philosophy of thought, the Young African Illuminators are African Youths that initiated activities and programs, which are currently solving problems in Africa and at the same time improving the prospects of African Youths. Through their projects, these Young Africans have demonstrated that Youths are indeed the ‘light’ needed to illuminate the ‘shadows of darkness’ caused by the problems encountered in Africa. This Online Mentoring Series has been designed with the intent of to avail Youth practical knowledge on how to positively direct their energy towards identifying all the values that could shape and lead them towards achieving greatness attested to by the society and by so doing becoming source of positive impact. The Young African Illuminators will serve as the Mentors and use their life experiences to inspire and motivate other African Youths on how to channel their strength towards becoming source of positive influence in their immediate communities and the society at large.

The Online Mentoring Series will create an interactive forum in which Youths will be guided in an inclusive, progressive, thought provoking and critically engaging session by the experiences of the Young African Illuminators on the design, initiation and implementation of simple impactful projects. The focus will be on simple tasks with large impact. The Online Youth Mentoring Series II will be an online video meeting, scheduled for Thursday September 17, 2020 by 2.00pm (Nigerian Time).

The core essence of the Online Youth Mentoring Series II is to avail Youth practical knowledge on how to positively direct their energy towards identifying all the values that could shape and lead them towards achieving greatness attested to by the society. By so doing, they become the source of positive impact in the African Society with African Youth solving African challenges.

Discourse Guidelines

  1. Youth Engagement: Motivating Youth into becoming the Voices for Improved Policies, Programs and Service: The evidence is clear: Youth have a lot to gain – and contribute – when they are meaningfully engaged. Youth engagement is a powerful strategy to promote Youth self-confidence. Valuing youth engagement puts the focus on the positive contribution that youth make to programs and their effectiveness.
  1. Attitudinal Change: Attitudes are judgments and develop on the ABC model (affect, behavior, and cognition). The prevailing attitude of African Youths presently is not suitable for any progressive continent as it supports retrogression. It is possible to change the attitude of African Youths via persuasion education and re-orientation, which currently need to be explored and actively pursued.
  2. Value Re-orientation: The re-orientation of value system in our African society is a search for culture that would reshape national character and image. The quality of any society is directly linked to the importance of the shared values. There’s an observed growing rate of moral decadence among African Youths and this calls for value reorientation. Self-discipline, humility, strong morale living, hard work and determination are needed towards self-development.
  3. Self-Confidence and Belief: Presently, African Youths need reorientation to develop self-confidence; self-belief and a ‘can-do’ rather than ‘will-do’ attitude. In order to reposition African Youths as source of positive impact, there is need to re-orientate them on inculcating the right principles. They must see themselves as the solution to challenges faced in the African Society. They must know how to harness their strengths and limit their weaknesses in the vanguard of creating the Africa they need.

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