Once a child can read; that Child is literate


AfriGrowth Foundation strongly believes that reading is the foundation of a sound education. Through reading, children have the tools to transmit knowledge and wisdom to each succeeding generation. This brought about the implementation of the Library Literacy Program, which is designed to encourage the “back to reading culture” especially in underserved communities and reawaken a slumbering reading culture in Nigeria, through the provision of library facilities and other supportive systems. Since 2012, the Foundation has successfully established 29 school libraries in four Area Councils in the FCT Abuja. In a bid to improve literacy in Nigeria amongst children, AfriGrowth Foundation, through its Library Literacy Program aimed to raise the standard of Literacy in public primary schools in Nigeria. Within the period of five years, the Program has benefitted over 30,000 pupils across 5 states in Nigeria. Aimed at primary school children aged between 5 and 13 years, our approach to increase the literacy level of the pupils began with establishments of Libraries in various Local Primary Schools, followed by reading activities with the pupils, and finally reading competition which will test the impact we have created in the lives of the children.

AfriGrowth Foundation periodically organizes reading competitions to assess the impact of the Library Literacy Program in the primary schools and create an avenue for major stakeholders to interact closely with the pupils. So far, the Foundation has organized reading competitions in four area councils in FCT Abuja, namely AMAC, Kuje, Gwagwalada and Bwari, where it has established school libraries.

The 1st Edition of the FCT Abuja Reading Competition, which held on Wednesday, June 6, 2018 at Junior Secondary School, Jabi was designed to involve all the Local Education Authority (LEA) primary schools in Abuja, where the Foundation has established school libraries, specifically in 27 Local Education Authority primary schools. Pre-contest exercises were organized in the 4 area councils, which resulted in the 8 finalists; with 2 LEA primary schools representing each area council.

The primary schools were:

  • LEA Primary School Sabon- Lugbe and LEA Primary School FHA Lugbe (in AMAC);
  • LEA Primary School Pegi and LEA Primary School Shetuko (in Kuje Area Council);
  • LEA Primary School Passo and LEA Primary School Estate (in Gwagwalada Area Council); and
  • LEA Primary School Azhayapi and LEA Primary School FCDA Kubwa (in Bwari Area Council).

Pupils who participated in the competition were coached in spelling, pronunciation and modulation, using specially developed study guides to build their literacy, cognitive writing and numeracy skills. AfriGrowth Foundation’s team actively volunteers to coach pupils, sharing their enthusiasm and celebrating their progress.




Roobiah Abubakar, representing LEA Primary School Shetuko in Kuje Area Council, emerged the winner of the 1st Edition of the AfriGrowth Foundation FCT Abuja Reading Competition, scoring a total of 88%. The presentation of awards to the contestants was anchored by the Chief Judge of the vent and President, AfriGrowth Foundation, Mrs. Dayo Keshi. She applauded the contestants and pupils for their outstanding participation. She told the pupils that they are all winners as they all read exceptionally well. She equally expressed her pleasure that the difference in the scores of the contestants wasn’t much, which indeed showed that they all performed excellently well. She encouraged all the pupils to believe in themselves at all times, as that is the recipe for success in life.










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  1. This is very lofty and I commend the organisers. How can we get a video of past events so that prosperity can watch and see how it is done, so as to get my students to watch and can propel them to read like their counterparts?

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