AfriGrowth Fun Fair 2017

With all the pupils gathered in their assembly ground, AfriGrowth Foundation Executive Director Mrs Oly Sanni addressed them all including the teachers, she informed them of the reason why the foundation was there, to feed and dress the children, she commended them in their educational pursue, reminded them of the available school library established by AfriGrowth Foundation in 2013 and equally encouraged them to use the library at all times. She concluded by singing one of her favourite songs (if you’re happy and you know it, clap your hand, wave your hands …….) with them and wished them Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in Advance.



The Assistance Head Teacher Mr. Kasim A. Shaba thanked AfriGrowth Foundation for all the good things they’ve being doing for them and prayed that the God Almighty should continue to expand their reach and bless their efforts. He concluded by asking the pupils to say what is expected of them, which they all shouted: “Thank you AfriGrowth”.

Not forgetting Madam Naomi that cheered everybody with ‘thank you’ songs performances together with the pupils at the assembly ground.


Every single pupils received a nylon bag containing all the food items (a pack of rice, royco seasoning, noodles, tomato paste, packet of salt) available for them and according to their sizes and heights they equally received shirts, trousers, gowns or shoes for either male or female according to availability.

Dress and Feed A Child Outreach 2017

Extra donation of 43 story books was made to be added to the school library. We encourage you to join us in our upcoming “feed and dress a child this december 2018”

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