AfriGrowth GirlTechAfrica Program: AfriGrowth Foundation Celebrates #GirlsInTech Week

As part of the Foundation’s strategic plan to engage, enhance and educate girls who are passionate about technology, AfriGrowth Foundation  conducted the first GirlTechAfrica training commemorating the STEM/STEAM week. The Training Workshop was held at the computer lab of Junior Secondary School Jikwoyi1.

The primary objective of this program is Availing secondary school girl access to   sustainable  significant  digital literacy, which will position them to be able to participate fully  in  the  current  digital  age  and  pursue careers in Information and Communication Technology.

AfriGrowth Foundation participated in celebrating #STEM week and #GirlsinTech Week by training 39 students of Junior Secondary School Girls of Jikwoyi 1 Abuja, in computer hardware and power-point animations creation.

Overall the training workshop was a success, as the pupils participated fully and were able to showcase what was learnt in a brief oral and written assessment, in which the facilitators asked some questions based on the training modules. The answers given were satisfactory.


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