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Our Track Record

Our Organization is a non-profit organization committed to enhancing growth in needy communities. It has been founded on the belief that one of the greatest challenges we face in Africa is poverty, in ten years the Foundation has focused on eliminating poverty by initiating and supporting empowerment programs that has developed techniques for self sufficiency.

AfriGrowth Foundation has the Orphanage and Vulnerable Children Care Program, (OVC) and through that has provided educational and nutritional materials to children in vulnerable communities. This gives each child an opportunity  to improve  the quality of  their  lives for we  believe   that   “a  child born  without  good  nutrition  will die  or be ravaged by disease and without education becomes a liability to the community”. In the past 10 years the Foundation has intervened in 25 LEA Primary Schools with 10,000 children as beneficiaries in underserved communities.

The Youth Mentoring Program which focuses on building the capacity of youths through various mentoring initiatives amongst which have impacted the lives of over 7000 youths in Nigeria and across the globe.

Over the past 9 years of its existence, AfriGrowth Foundation has impacted
the lives of over 10,000 children, youths and women in Nigeria and across
the globe using this platform with sponsorship and assistance of donor
organisations. Our interventions are shown below…

1. Library Literacy Program (LLP)/ Orphans and Vulnerable Child Care(OVC



     –Renovated and equip over 20 libraries in primary schools in undeserved communities with book shelves, tables          and chairs with over 15,000 story books and 15 desktop computers

     –Giving children a sense of belonging by distributing 100 school bags containing food and items and writing                  materials to 100 pupils in LEA primary school, Mpape in July 2012 based on their academic achievements.

     –Paid tuition fees for 30 children, donated multivitamin tablets, bunk beds and clothes for the children in                      Nehemiah Homes

     –Supported “Educate the Child Project” school uniforms and writing materials donated to 300 pupils in LEA                primary school Dutse-Alhaji in 2010.





2.Orphans and Vulnerable ChildrenCare(OVC)

In response to identified OVC needs,the Foundation incorporated nutritional support and educational supplies in its intervention amongst which are:



      –Visited Bena orphanage Homes, Apo in 2008 and donated books toiletries and food items

      –Touched the lives of over 7000 children ages 3-13 in Nigeria

      –50,000 books distributed to schools in Nigeria

      –Supported “Educate the Child Project” school uniforms and writing materials donated to 300 pupils in LEA



  3.Youth Development Interventions


AfriGrowth Foundation Youth Mentoring Program which focuses on building the capacity of youths through various mentoring initiatives amongst which have impacted the lives of over 3000 youths in Nigeria and across the globe


      –Over 1,400 Youth have participated in the National Essay

      –Youth mentoring Seminars have involved over 1000 Youth’s from across Nigeria since it was launched in 2008

      –100 youths trained in Enterprise Development and Project Cycle Management through AfriGrowth Youth                  Academy


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