The Literacy and Reading Competition (LRC) which is an annual LEA Primary School Competition is an offshoot of the Library Literacy Program (LLP) which was introduced as a way of measuring the impact of the establishment of the libraries in the LEA Primary Schools on the pupils. This is a more practical approach on impact assessment of the established libraries through the performance of the pupils from each of the schools. The project was structured to encourage the zeal of the pupils to read using more purposeful and structured reading activities for a prize/award as a way of ensuring the continuity of the Back to Reading Project.


IMPLEMENTATION OF PROGRAM For the success of the1st LRC program 5 LEA primary schools were selected randomly; LEA Primary School Alungu-Lungu, LEA Primary School Dawaki, LEA Primary School Bazango, LEA Model School Phase III-Kubwa, and LEA Primary School Byanzhin. Below are the steps we took to ensure that this program was implemented: This part shows how the pupils prepared for the day of competition


-School Administrations were encouraged to device new and innovative ways to teach and guide their pupils on how to read and assimilate.
-Schools ran individual competitions for their pupils to identify those with the best reading abilities

The Foundation’s Representatives in charge of the project were present to give guidance during the selection of each school’s finalists

Names of 2 finalists from each school were selected, the names are as follows:

– Joy Emmanuel – LEA Primary Model School Phase III, Kubwa

– Chioma Obichukwu – LEA Primary Model School Phase III, Kubwa

– Victoria Okezie – LEA Primary School, Gbazango

– Valentina Kalu –  LEA Primary School, Gbazango

– Miracle Lateef – LEA Primary School, Dawaki

– .Zerby Anani – LEA Primary School, Dawaki

– FearGod Luka – LEA Primary School, Alungu – Lungu

– Victoria Yakubu – LEA Primary School, Alungu – Lungu

– Imuoka Onah – LEA Primary School, Byanzhin

– Ojoanemile Grace Gabriel  – LEA Primary School, Byanzhin


The Literacy and Reading Competition was held on 26th June, 2014 at the Secretariat Hall of the Bwari Area Council. There were 58 people in attendance of which 29 were pupils from participating schools. The President of AfriGrowth Foundation Mrs. Dayo Keshi, Bwari Area Council Chairman was represented by the HOD for Education Mr. Joseph Agbo, and HOD PSS for Bwari Area Council were all present to grace the occasion.

The Judges representing our various dignified sponsors were from:

–   The Australian High Commission – Representative was Mrs. Latonia Dabiri -Mpamugo

–   Drumstix food and Investment Ltd – Representative was Mr. Seun Olu Jacobs

–   The Office of the Bwari Secretariat  – Representative was Mr. Gbemanayi Richard


The Competition was set between the 10 above listed finalists from 5 LEA Primary Schools with 2 finalists representing each school. Each School’s Finalist was asked to read and summarize and make new sentences with chosen words. Questions were drawn from books they had read before the audience. Criteria for scoring were based on:

– Pronunciation (20%)

– Words and Meaning (15%)

– Comprehension (20%)

– Words and Opposite (15%)

– Sentence Formation  (15%) and,

– Appearance and Composure  (15%) – (bonus)

(Making an overall total score of 100%)

At the end a Trophy and a plaque were awarded to the winning school. The competition would be held annually and the trophy would move from school to school depending on the school that wins while the plaque would remain with the winners to show the winner of the year. The participants that emerged winners (1st, 2nd and 3rd) were:

– 1st Place – Miss Zerby  Anani  representing LEA Primary School Dawaki scored 89%

– 2nd Place – Miss Lateef  Miracle representing LEA Primary School Dawaki scored 88%

– 3rd Place – Miss Ojoanemile Grace Gabriel representing LEA Primary School Byanzhin scored 86.6%


There was an increase in the number of pupils who were interested in reading. Testimonies from the pupils showed their excitement about their libraries and how they have learnt to read and their desire in exploring the next book.

Feedbacks gotten from the invitees were very encouraging. It shows that these schools are ready to embrace the vision of the Foundation. We are expecting to hear about the fame of this competition on the lips of even those that could not attend. We see a growing eagerness on the part of all stakeholders to participate in future exercises.


Impressive prizes were given to all the contestants, a plaque was given to the winner and a trophy was given to the winning school.

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