Bringing Back the Reading Culture

Education is a human right and the basis for life-long learning. It empowers individuals, families and communities as a way of improving their quality of life. It has a “multiplier effect” that helps to eradicate poverty, reduce child mortality, curb population growth and ensure sustainability development. High quality early childhood education has the greatest positive effect on children especially those at risk due to their circumstances.
AfriGrowth Foundation identifies the importance of early exposure to education and access to other important socio-economic services as the foundation believes that a child that grows without education and good nutrition would remain a liability in the society. AfriGrowth seeks to address the growing decline in the reading culture through the Library Literacy Programme. The programme employs a ‘catch them young’ approach that invests in the physical and human resources for literacy development of children.
The program is designed to address some of the underlying causes of poor reading culture and literacy amongst primary school age children.With support from the Australian High Commission, AGF was able to build, renovate and equip LEA Primary School, Peyi and LEA Primary Alugu-Lungu. A total of 1000 reading books per school in story book format covering subjects such as music, history, fiction, ethics, manners, science, art, geography and fiction were purchased. Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials on the use of library and reading culture were also purchased in order to sensitize the pupils on the importance of libraries to their educational development and the usefulness of forming a good reading culture. All publications are in English language. The shelves, reading tables and chairs were also constructed and a HP Compaq Desktop Computer for each of the school was purchased.
Each of the Library Projects were officially commissioned with a high level of participation of all relevant stakeholders which included: Representative of Australian High Commission,
AfriGrowth Foundation, Government agencies; Area Councils and Universal Basic Education Board, the Community Heads, the PTA, the School Administrators and the Children. This created an atmosphere of synergy and sense of responsibility among all Stakeholders which was geared towards the sustainability of the project.
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