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The rise in the level of unemployment and its emergence as a major socio-economic challenge has been one of the most important political and social development issues in recent years requiring urgent, practical and result-oriented intervention support system especially linking this to the attainment of Goal 1 of the MDGs to Eradicate Extreme Poverty. “Unless the potential of young people can be used in a productive way, neither they nor economies as a whole will face a bright future,” says ILO Director-General Juan Somavia. This issue tends to persist and even get worse by the day as young people lack the opportunity of exposure and mentoring on the careers of their choice. 

With the growing evidence of mentoring as a tool for Youth Development, mentoring activities have been gaining momentum all around the country in recent years. AfriGrowth Foundation (AGF) is one of the leaders in this push on “mentoring for youth development”. It is on this note that the Foundation sets at organizing a Career Exposition Seminar (CES) for young people in Nigeria.

Event Synopsis

The Career Exposition Seminar is an event involving a number of Professionals (potential employers) who gather for the purpose of providing valuable information to young people (aspiring employees) on the career opportunities in their sectors of coverage and their companies in general. It is an opportunity for the aspiring employees to learn about a range of possible jobs and to get a foot in the door of their sector of interest.


To improve the career awareness of 250 youths in Nigeria through constructive career education, thereby creating an enabling environment for them to explore their potentials, which would further expose them into the careers of their choice.

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