Child Education: Enhancing The Lives Of The Underprivileged

A popular saying goes, “all children can learn” and certain things must be put in place for such to happen which are not limited to our approach to teaching, the teaching environment and the resources for learning.

Many privately owned schools in Africa continue to prove that they can create the best learning environment for pupils and these have increased tremendously over the years, but as positive as this might seem it has created a huge gap between the thinking ability of children studying in these types of schools and children studying in underserved communities where lack of quality education is degrading instead of improving.

The societal system of education in Africa has made it appear that quality education is impossible for the underprivileged and this is saddened as the evidence continues to show that only the rich enjoy quality education.

The rise of Non-Profit Organizations (NGOs) focused on education and working in favour of underprivileged communities continues to put more light on how to improve the education status of these children. One of such educational NGOs is AfriGrowth Foundation; whose passion is to make a difference in the outcomes of education. They have times without number proven that even the poor can access quality education in this current world.

As a strong Nigerian based NGO whose focus is on education, AfriGrowth Foundation continues to enhance literacy in Nigerian Education system. Till date the Foundation continues to increase its outreach:

Established 41 well-equipped libraries for children in underserved communities has been achieved through AfriGrowth Foundation

Over 1000 teachers have benefitted from the TRAINING OF TEACHERS program delivered by AfriGrowth Foundation

With over 100,000 books donated

Our ‘bring back the reading culture’ program has helped more than 22000 children to develop the habit of reading.


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