Mrs. Dayo Keshi

Mrs. Dayo Keshi is the Founder and President of AfriGrowth Foundation. She is one of the quintessential Arts and Culture administrators of our time. In August 2014, she was appointed the Director-General, National Council for Arts and Culture (NCAC) because of her exemplary, dedicated and distinguished Service Records. As the wife of a Diplomat, she has travelled around the World and has impacted greatly on the International Community. Mrs. Dayo Keshi has a strong passion for philanthropy which started over twenty years ago as she volunteered her services to non-profit organizations in many countries.

She founded the Nigerian Women’s Association of Georgia (NWAG) in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Her philanthropic efforts resulted in the emergence of AfriGrowth Foundation a non-profit organization, which she founded in 2005 committed to enhancing growth and changing lives in needy communities and devoted to fighting poverty through access to education and support of programs, which develops skills for self-sustenance. Mrs. Dayo Keshi has a strong commitment to supporting Women, Youth and Children. For these she has been honored with a number of awards especially for her philanthropy works such as the Honorary Citizen of Georgia, US Africa Class Community Leadership Award, Community Service and Humanity Award and Women Advocacy Award.