Develop for Development Initiative

The emerging trends of the knowledge economy of the 21st Century places high demand on knowledge-based competence which translates to practical and technical efficiency. This was the major driver of the effort of AfriGrowth Foundation towards establishing a platform with focus on empowering young people in Nigeria with requisite skills in Enterprise Development and Project Cycle Management through an intensive training and internship engagement. This resulted in the establishment of Develop for Development Initiative (DDI)

The project design had its basis on the baseline study conducted by AfriGrowth Foundation on the state of unemployment and un-employability among the Youth demographic segment which results primarily from the dysfunctional nature of the educational system where the young generation are so rigorously trained to become masters of the world that no longer exists. DDI is meant to be a remedial intervention for capacity building that will place its beneficiaries in the context of the 21st century where they will be more relevant to the demands and emerging trends of the business environment.

By its nature, DDI Cycle One (DDI-1) was designed to empower 100 young unemployed graduates in Nigeria with requisite skills in the areas of Enterprise Development and Project Cycle Management with a segment of Leadership and Employability Soft Skills Training cutting across. It was designed to run in 4 batches of 25 participants each for the purpose of effective engagement of participants.

Implementation of DDI-1 commenced with the preliminary activities of Stakeholder engagement and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) consultation for the purpose of developing a beneficiary responsive and best practice compliant system.


1) Strengthen the leadership/ employability potential of 100 young persons through training on employability skills and leadership development.

2) Develop the entrepreneurial capacity of 100 young persons through vocational and business skills training

3) Develop the Program Management capacity of 100 young persons through training on Program Management key areas.

4) Provide industry experience for 100 young persons through mentorship initiatives with at least 15 corporate mentors

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