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  • No one has Ever Become Poor from Giving!

Dr Paddy Njoku, the Chairman of the National Examination Council (NECO) Governing board.

Paddy Njoku, product of Ife Grammar School, University of Ibadan and Universite de Bordeaux, Chairman of many organisations, managing people, events, situations and challenges is a natural way of living.

Paddy Njoku: Writer, Publisher, Public Affairs Policy Analyst, Media Consultant, Mediator, Conciliator, Negotiator, Community Leader, Passionate Husband and lovely committed father of a closely knit family.
For Paddy Njoku, wealth is not what you have kept but what you have been able to give away unnoticed; your talent is God’s gift to you, but using it to make people happy is your gift to God; a selfish life is an early death. He totally believes that success is an aggregate combination of talent, knowledge and effort.

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