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  • No one has Ever Become Poor from Giving!

  • AfriGrowth Foundation Funfair 2018
    Nov 24, 2018 3.00 pm


    “Enjoyment is the fuel that drives the developmental engine, and may be what distinguishes it from children’s experiences at school”. – Dr. Swick and Dr. Jellink

     AfriGrowth Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to enhancing growth and changing lives in needy communities. Founded in 2005 with the belief that one of the greatest challenges we face in the world is poverty, which we eliminate by initiating and supporting empowerment programs develop techniques for self-sufficiency.

    The Foundation impart lives of children in underserved communities by providing a friendly reading space for them as we believe that once a child can read that child is literate, in order to make this process successful we also address the nutritional needs of the people we serve through our orphans and vulnerable child care program which improves the quality of their lives. In AfriGrowth, we give each Child an opportunity to have access to good nutritional supplies which is made possible by donations before, during and after the annual funfair, for we do believe that a child born without good nutrition would die or be ravaged by disease.

    decision by the Foundation to proclaim every last Saturday/ one Saturday in November a day dedicated to bring family and friends together in Abuja and its environs to raise funds while having fun with the aim to  feed and dress underprivileged children. Throughout the year, the Foundation embarks on a Give Back Campaign Drive where clothes, shoes in good conditions are been donated by individuals. Food items, Beverages, Toiletries, story books, educational items, cash etc. .



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