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  • Youth Mentoring Series III


    Presently, many young women in developing and emerging markets, like Nigeria, have the ideas and ambition to become successful entrepreneurs but are held back by barriers such as lack of access to business skills, guidance, networks and finance.

    Women entrepreneurs are actually becoming more successful and ambitious in today’s business world. However, there are still a whole lot of efforts that still need to be invested in boosting and accelerating female entrepreneurship especially, young women running start-up enterprises. Small and Medium Enterprises are the economic engine of growth for a nation and more is needed to imbibe in young women entrepreneurs running start-up enterprises them innovative entrepreneurship principles skills required to create successful and sustainable businesses.

    AfriGrowth Foundation Youth Mentoring Series composed of a series of strategic sessions, in which designated Mentors will guide Youths on diverse principles. The Third Edition of Youth Mentoring Series anchored on the theme: Growing Young Women Entrepreneurs is designed to support young women entrepreneurs operating start-ups with high potential progress enhance their business skills and give them the guidance, motivation, emotional support and role modeling needed to grow successful businesses.

    Basically, the Series will create a veritable platform for experienced women entrepreneurs, who have distinguished themselves in their fields of business to create a bridge for the next generation of young women business builders who will follow in their footsteps, through the power of mentoring.

    The overall objective of this Mentoring Series is to equip 30 young female entrepreneurs engaged in start-ups with key entrepreneurial skills that will make them succeed in business through high standard mentoring delivered by high profile and successful business women professionals.


    Specifically the goals of the Series are to:

    • Mentor 30 young female entrepreneurs on the best business management skills needed to navigate the early hurdles in running a new business.
    • Shape the mindset of 30 young female entrepreneurs and expose them to vital skills for success in business.
    • Imbibe in 30 young female entrepreneurs innovative entrepreneurship principles and educate them in the area of business planning.
    • Create an avenue for 3 experienced female business veterans/entrepreneurs to interact, teach and mentor 30 young female entrepreneurs on the core principles of success in business.

    The Third Edition of the Youth Mentoring Series will be piloted and facilitated by the following distinguished experts, innovators and leaders in the private sector:

    1. Latifat Balogun: CEO/Founder of Hatlab Ice Cream
    2. Funke Awobokun: CEO/Founder of Grills In and Out
    3. Bola Oyekola: CEO/Founder of Cakes by Syndys

    Discourse Concept

    The Third Edition of the Youth Mentoring Series will create an environment where issues can be openly discussed, and constructive conversations had with successful businesswomen who can provide useful advice. It will equally provide the opportunity to empower young female entrepreneurs operating start-ups on how to water the grounds to scale and build businesses that will outlast them, as well as improve the overall success rate of businesses owned or run by women in Nigeria.

    The Series is set to boost confidence, improves business performance and ultimately creates wealth for the young women entrepreneurs. Mentoring is a supportive and inspirational relationship based on trust and mutual respect, and benefits. In the Mentoring Series, the mentors will guide the mentees to become what they aspire to be and realize their potentials.

    Led by the Mentors, discourse will revolve on their:

    • Professional accomplishment
    • Entrepreneurial agility
    • Resilience and Commitment
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