Online Mentoring Series (Shelevates Series)

The ‘Shelevates Series’ is an online mentoring program developed as a signature project by AfriGrowth Foundation to support young Nigerian women in achieving their full potential and advancing their status in all social domains. This online mentoring series draws on the expertise of accomplished women leaders of valour who have distinguished themselves in diverse endeavours in the public and private sector to mentor and guide a new generation of young Nigerian women. The Shelevates Series will empower young Nigerian women achieve their full economic potential by inspiring them to carve a niche in their chosen fileds, whether in the public or private sector and stand out in distinction as change makers and leaders in their community by availing them opportunities and platform that facilitates networking, learning and sharing of experiences.

AfriGrowth Foundation believes that an investment in creating a new generation of young Nigerian women leaders is most imperative, as they will be positioned to improve their immediate communities.


The Foundation believes in the multiplier effect, as an investment in one young Nigerian woman leader impacts hundreds and thousands more directly and indirectly.

The maiden edition of the ‘Shelevates Series’, anchored on the theme- Become the Leader you Envision, is scheduled to hold on Thursday May 21, 2020 at 11.30am will be piloted and facilitated by Mrs. Dayo Keshi, President and Founder, AfriGrowth Foundation and Prof Mabel Evwierhoma: Director Diaspora Centre, University of Abuja.

Despite the daily geometric increase in the number of professional women in the public and private sectors, witnessed over the course of the 20thCentury, recent studies have highlighted the many difficulties that women still encounter in their professional day-to-day lives. Such challenges faced by women range from an uncomfortable sense of being viewed as less rational, excessively sensitive and less capable of performing certain activities, to the difficulty of reconciling work with their personal lives. Presently, many young women in developing countries, like Nigeria, have the ideas and ambition to become successful professionals and corporate leaders in the public and private sectors but are held back by barriers.

There’s no doubt that women are actually becoming more successful and ambitious in today’s corporate world. The contribution of women to the growth success of developing nations receives little attention in terms of their role in the development process, and Nigeria is not an exception. Women make up about 49% of the Nigerian population and nearly one out of four women in sub-Saharan Africa is a Nigerian. Women own only 20% of enterprises in the formal sector and only 11.7% of Board Directors in the country are women. There are still a whole lot of efforts that need to be invested in boosting and accelerating women to rise to the pinnacle of success as leaders.

The overall objective of this Online Mentoring Series is to create an environment where issues can be openly discussed and constructive conversations on how young Nigerian women can navigate the hurdles placed by gender disparity and rise to become corporate leaders. The Series is set to boost confidence of 30 young Nigerian women and guide them on the best principles needed to climb the ladder of success.


1) Career or business choice: What should it be based on that will ensure overall success? Educational and professional background? Passion? Or create a solution to an identified need?

2) Everyone has dreamed of things before and envisioned, whether in professional or personal lives. A great leader realizes this, and in addition to providing an ideal image of what an organization can become, they are able to enlist the help of others to reach the dreams they envision. How should young women envision their goals, dreams and the future?

3) Work Environment: How can a woman thrive and build an effective, professional, friendly and positive working environment, which will foster more loyal employees, in a rather hostile and competitive space?

4) What are the leadership traits, which need to be imbibed in order build a professional career or run a successful business?

5) Presently, the demand placed on leaders in today’s roles means women are more suited for these roles. Do you agree with this assertion? How can women be more assertive in leadership and endear the respect of colleagues and sub-ordinates without playing the gender card?

6) Leadership is a diverse process, which has different significance for people. What leadership characteristics should women inculcate in today’s corporate world in order to stimulate success?

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