Program Background

AfriGrowth Foundation constructed and installed a borehole facility, as a better alternative water source in Paipe Community, within the vicinity of Idu Industrial layout, specifically in the LEA Primary School Paipe. The project was powered by Atlas Co.

As part of the activities prior to the official commissioning of the project, AfriGrowth Foundation established a Water Sanitation and Hygiene Committee (WASH Com), which will be capacitated to support community in maintaining the borehole facility. The WASH Com is composed of 15 members, all living within the Paipe Community.

In order to ensure that the WASH Com members are fully equipped to coordinate activities anchored on maintaining the borehole facility, AfriGrowth Foundation organized a 1-day Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) training Program.

WASH Training Program

The Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Training Package will provide viable information for the Paipe Community WASH Com member on practices that need to be imbibed in order to live healthy lives and prevent water borne diseases. The core intent of the WASH Improvement Training emphasizes the teaching of basic sanitation and hygiene to WASH Com members with focus behavioral change, capacity building and implementation of WASH practices in the Paipe community, specifically in the course of maintaining the borehole facility.

The principal objectives of the training program are to:

  • Increase access to improved water and sanitation facilities and hygiene knowledge and practice for members of the Paipe community and students in the LEA primary school; and
  • Establish an informed WASH Committee fully empowered to look after the borehole water source and ensure effective maintenance and overall sustenance of the Project.

On completion of the training program, produced resource materials will be given to the members of the WASH Com, as source of reference in the course of implementation. The WASH Com will be charged to step-down the enlightenment to other members of the community. AfriGrowth Foundation will monitor the activities of the WASH Com, within the first six months, after the formal commissioning of the Borehole facility.


Program Features

  1. Venue: The training was held at the LEA Primary School, Paipe, located close to Idu Industrial Layout, Abuja.
  2. Date & Time: The training was held Wednesday, May 3, 2017 by 10.30am.
  3. Program Facilitator: AfriGrowth Foundation invited one resource persons, Sanitarian Adefunke Adeniran from CFC Environmental Projects, Abuja to make coordinate the training session. CFC Environmental Projects is duly registered firm of environmentalists, which serves as a technical partner to the Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC) on earth care, sanitation, waste management and environmental protection.
  4. Proceedings:
    1. The training was attended by 15 participants: 2 staff from the LEA primary school; 2 LEA primary school prefects and 11 members of the Paipe WASH Com.
    2. The training had a duration of about 2 hours. It was highly interactive and strategic, as participants openly shard their opinions and asked questions.
    3. On completion of the training, the facilitator, Sanitarian Adefunke Adeniran, visited the borehole facility with members of the WASH Com and inspected the site. She suggested that a small reservoir, which will collect the drainage water, be dug and covered. This will serve to prevent the formation of pools of stagnant water around the borehole facility, which will breed mosquitoes.
    4. The facilitator also visited some homes in the community (about 8 in number) spoke with the residents on the importance of constructing proper latrines in their homes.
    5. The AfriGrowth Foundation Team had an interactive session with Village Head in the office of the LEA Primary School, Paipe Head Teacher. He applauded the project and stated that the community will work with the WASH Com in managing the borehole facility.

Benefits of the Event to AfriGrowth Foundation

  1. Improve the outlook of the Foundation, especially as we intend to fully delve into providing better sources of drinking water in communities, under the Community Safe Water Project.
  2. Build the credibility of the Foundation, most especially for funders/support partners that focus on sponsoring projects anchored on provision of water in rural communities.
  3. Improve chances to access grant opportunities, which are centered on provision of water in rural communities.


The WASH training was an overall success. The Paipe Community WASH Com members were fully equipped with cutting edge skills to manage the borehole facilities and promote general hygiene in the community. They will also be able to enlighten other member of the community on how to lead healthier lives and prevent water borne diseases.

With this training the WASH Com has been fully established and ready to take on the task on managing the borehole facility and promoting good hygiene in the Paipe community. As stated in a preceding section, AfriGrowth Foundation, via its monitoring and evaluation activities will monitor the work of the WASH Com for the first 6 months, after formal commissioning of the Project.


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