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The true development of human beings involves much more than mere economic growth. At its heart there must be a sense of empowerment and inner fulfillment. This alone will ensure that human and cultural values remain paramount. When this is achieved, culture and development will naturally coalesce to create an environment in which all are valued, and every kind of human potential can be realized.

Aung San Suu Kyi 1995, 18


AfriGrowth Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to enhancing growth in needy communities. Founded on the belief that one of the greatest challenges we face in the world is poverty, we focus on eliminating poverty by initiating and supporting empowerment programs which develop techniques for self-sufficiency.

Since inception and over a decade of work in Nigeria, AfriGrowth Foundation has positively impacted the lives of target beneficiaries living in underserved communities in Nigeria via its life-changing and value-adding programs. Specifically 35 libraries have been established in primary schools across the nation, 13,000 vulnerable children empowered and over 7,000 mentored and well positioned with requisite skills, values, and attitudes needed to succeed in the Nigerian society.

The Foundation is open for partnership, support and collaboration, which will ensure continuous impact of laudable programs and interventions in Nigeria and Africa at large. Forging partnership with AfriGrowth Foundation is a unique opportunity to be duly recognized as a thought leader alleviating poverty in Africa and supporter for good causes.

Your partnership is indeed priceless, as we hope to forge a credible alliance in the course of and bettering the lives of children and youth in Africa. For more information, please contact us via email at info@afrigrowth.org or call us on 08174858338. You can learn more about the Foundation, by visiting our website-www.afrigrowth.org.

We look forward to building a productive and rewarding partnership. Please accept the assurances of our highest esteem.


Mrs. Oly Sanni

Executive Director, AfriGrowth Foundation

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