“If you want to leave a Legacy, invest in those that will inherit it.”

Mrs. Dayo Keshi, President AfriGrowth Foundation (March 28, 2019)

Since inception and for over a decade of work in Nigeria, AfriGrowth Foundation has pursued a positive approach to Youth development that applies holistic strategies to the complex set of youth needs. The Foundation’s programs use ‘mentoring’ as the main vehicle of empowering young people.  In April 2006, AfriGrowth Foundation launched the Youth Mentoring Program, under the chairmanship of Mr. Frank Nweke Jnr, then Minister of Information. In the vanguard of spreading the imperatives of Youth Mentoring, the Foundation developed and executed series of Youth Mentoring Seminars, which offered Youths the unique opportunity of interacting with distinguished Nigerians.  The Foundation has mentored over 7,000 Nigerian Youth: 60% have been gainfully employed with the rest indulging in entrepreneurship and furthering their education. The Foundation believes that investing in Youths will culminate in placing them on a better pedestal to impact Nigeria and the world at large.


As part of its life-changing and value-adding programs for Youth development in 2019, AfriGrowth Foundation developed the Youth Mentoring Seminar Series to avail Nigerian Youth the noble opportunity to be mentored by distinguished experts, innovators, and leaders in the public, private, and non-profit sectors. The resultant impact of the Series is to build a new generation of self-dependent and hyper-productive youth in Nigeria. The First Edition of the AfriGrowth Foundation Youth Mentoring Seminar Series 2019, which held on Thursday March 28, 2019 at the Druz Resort, Kashim Ibrahim Way, Wuse II, Maitama, Abuja was premised on the topic, Passion to Fruition for Success and anchored by Mr. Anthony Nwabuebo a Start-up Alchemist, Deal Maker and Business Advisor.

In her opening address, Mrs. Dayo Keshi, the President, AfriGrowth Foundation said that after the successful organization of Repositioning Nigerian Youth Summit, which the Foundation convened on September 13, 2018, the Foundation developed the Youth Mentoring Seminar Series in order to avail a specific number of Nigerian Youth the opportunity to be closely mentored by distinguished persons. She said that AfriGrowth Foundation believes that mentoring is the fuel that will energize Youths into becoming a source of positive influence in the society. She challenged the participants to positively impact their peers, by stepping down whatever they learnt to at least 5 other youths. She said that Foundation was looking forward to receiving reports based on the step-down.

The Resource Person, Mr. Anthony Nwabuebo presented a lecture on the topic- ‘Passion to Fruition for Success’. In summation, he opined that passion is the fuel that drives action. When someone has passion, it energizes and motivates that person to do something, moving from the concept of ‘want to do’ to the concept ‘have to do’. Many entrepreneurs in the world, making strides and carving niche in their areas of focus are passionate about their expertise. He said that passion is the springboard that propels talent, as it is the powerhouse that gives energy to talent to lay foundation for building an enterprise.

In the course of the Interactive Session after the lecture, a participant, Inegbedion Ehichioya Destiny (Youth Reformation and Awareness Centre) suggested that the tentacles of the Program be extended to secondary schools and tertiary institutions. Mrs. Dayo Keshi, President, AfriGrowth Foundation advised participants to associate with fellow youths that think and reason the way they do and have similar interests. She also advocated that young people should be open to sharing knowledge.

In conclusion of the seminar, Mr. Emmanuel Anene (ICTHARAE) gave the vote of thanks, on behalf of the participants. He praised AfriGrowth Foundation for organizing the seminar and lauded the concept. He appreciated Mrs. Dayo Keshi, for her words of wisdom and encouragement to the participants. He equally thanked Mr. Anthony Nwabuebo, the Resource Person for piloting the seminar and said that so much was indeed learnt. He looked forward to subsequent programs from the Foundation. The second Edition of the Youth Mentoring Seminar Series, anchored on the topic- Critical and Creative Thinking as a Prerequisite for Effective Leadership is scheduled to hold in May 2019.



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