“If you want to leave a Legacy, invest in those that will inherit it.”

Mrs. Dayo Keshi, President AfriGrowth Foundation (March 28, 2019)

The Shelevates Series is an online mentoring program developed as a signature project by AfriGrowth Foundation to support young Nigerian women in achieving their full potential and advancing their status in all social and economic domains. This online mentoring series draws on the expertise of accomplished women leaders of valour to mentor and guide a new generation of young Nigerian women; hence the adopted slogan of ‘Women Elevating Women’. The Series targets participation from Nigerian women aged 20 to 40 years.

The 1st Edition of Shelevates Series, anchored on the theme- Become the Leader you Envision, which held on Thursday May 21, 2020 at 2.00pm was be piloted and facilitated by Mrs. Dayo Keshi, President and Founder, AfriGrowth Foundation and Prof Mabel Evwierhoma, Department of Theater Arts, University of Abuja.

Currently the world is recognizing that women are actually better suited to lead in the new economic realities because of their natural feminine traits and strengths such as intuition, emotional intelligence, creativity, team work and broad picture spectrum, which are exactly what the highly competitive and changeable Nigerian market place requires. Despite tremendous advances women professionals have experienced over the years, they still find themselves facing tough challenges, which range from an uncomfortable sense of being viewed as less rational, excessively sensitive and less capable of performing certain activities, to the difficulty of reconciling work with their personal lives.

The Shelevates Series created an environment where these issues were openly discussed with constructive conversations on how young Nigerian women can navigate the hurdles placed by gender disparity and rise to become corporate leaders. The Mentors led the discourse, which featured on how young Nigerian women can build an edge, which make them stand out in distinction as leaders in their careers or chosen business sector and demonstrate the feminine advantage in leadership.

Mrs. Dayo Keshi told participants that whenever men play the gender card, they should always remain focused and resolute in their aspirations. She affirmed that women were naturally created to multitask and thus participants should not limit themselves, but plan, build and grow. She advised participants that tenacity should be one of the best traits they should cultivate, in the course of climbing the ladder to success.



She also stated that the three major strategies for success are to stay purpose driven; persist until success is achieved; and always have a succession plan.

On her part Prof. Mabel Evwierhoma stated clearly that their uniqueness is what makes them women. She advised participants to continuously improve their capacities, create their own spaces for impact and build other women around them. As a woman, they should always stand by the truth and be affirmative in their assertions. She also said that passion and professional background should constitute the foundation for chosen careers or business ventures.

The session was highly interactive with participants making some active inputs, based on live experiences. As the curtains were drawn on this mentoring session, Mrs. Dayo Keshi encouraged participants to further enlighten other women on what they learnt, as AfriGrowth Foundation believes firmly in the multiplier effect for impact. She promised that the Foundation will continuously engage the participants in other empowerment programs.

AfriGrowth Foundation remains steadfast in its quest to invest in boosting and accelerating women to rise to the pinnacle of success as leaders.



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