On Friday the 21st of May, 2010, AfriGrowth Foundation paid a visit to Angwar jaba village, Keffi in Nasarawa State to inspect the proposed site for the after school program which AfriGrowth proposes to start up in the community. The first port of call was the Emir’s palace. He welcomed us warmly and assured us that he is in full support of what we want to do in their community.


We proceeded to the School where we had a meeting with the Principal, Mr. Sunday Oshatogbe, who explained the current situation of the School.

Linda asked him a wide range of questions, which he provided answers to accordingly.


When asked the number of students in the School, he said they have 212 students, with over seventy being girls. He also said the age range of the students was age three (3) to thirteen (13). He said there are seventy three (73) students in the Nursery School, with Primary five (5) and six (6) having six students each and they attend School regularly, but they run away from School during break time and don’t come back till the next day. He said the students are expected to take seven (7) subjects a day, but due to truancy, this target isn’t always met. He said no School fees were being paid, as it is a public School.


The principal said the challenges they faced include:

  • Inadequate furniture
  • Inadequate infrastructure
  • Student truancy


He was asked if there were any orphans among the students, to which he responded ambiguously. He said he wasn’t sure if there were orphans among the students.


The Principal asked for infrastructural support and provision of notebooks for the students, when asked of ways AfriGrowth Foundation could support the School. He said that the School gave the Students one notebook each and only one building is not adequate for the amount of students in the School. Although he said there were Textbooks available, as the Government recently provided them with some. He also said the School will provide us with a structure for the books we intend to donate, in furtherance of our objective to boost the reading culture in Nigeria.


When asked if the students take Common Entrance exam, the principal said students attempt the Common Entrance examination and their parents are responsible for the fees.



The visit came to an end on this note, with Linda speaking on behalf of the Foundation; she assured the principal that we will come back with the President of the Foundation, Mrs. Dayo Keshi.



After going through the report, members of staff, volunteers and the Youth Corper came up with the following recommendations to help alleviate the situation in Angwar jaba village.


  • Equip the library with books
  • Provide School uniforms, notebooks and classroom furniture
  • Get volunteers, especially Corpers to assist in teaching the students
  • Assist in paying the Common Entrance fees for the best students in Primary six
  • Organize a literacy program for Youths who are interested in learning how to read and write
  • Organize a skill acquisition program for the Women
  • Organize a one day seminar for the Headmaster, parents, teachers and the students with the Emir and his chiefs in attendance
  • The Emir should use the opportunity to encourage parents to see to the education of their children and not indulge them in staying away during School hours
  • AfriGrowth should empower the teachers to be mentors and not teachers alone







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