The 2008 AfriGrowth Youth Mentoring Program kicked off on the 18th of April 2008 at Gracious Hotel Abuja with a Pre- Mentoring workshop. 25 selected mentees from Lagos and Abuja were at the pre-mentoring workshop together to create linkage and to forge partnership and friendship amongst them.


The workshop kicked off with all mentees going through a registration process. Iquo Umoh a mentee from Lagos said the opening prayer. Linda Yabrifa programs officer AfriGrowth Foundation took the mentees through a random question and answer session to ascertain if the mentees did a little research on AfriGrowth Foundation, the following question were asked What is the mission and objective of AfriGrowth Foundation? What program of National significance did AfriGrowth Foundation organize recently ?and Who is the founder of AfriGrowth Foundation?


Nonye  Orakwue programs officer AfriGrowth Foundation introduced the Foundation to all mentees, stating our  Mission ,Goals and objectives and the different programs of the Foundation and introduced the Founder of AfriGrowth Foundation Mrs Dayo Keshi.


Mrs Dayo Keshi  President / Founder of AfriGrowth gave motherly advice to all mentees,saying thay should see the mentoring program as a rear opportunity and attach seriousness to the program.She said thay were priviledged to have been selected amongst many others that were also qualified and that they should not blow their changes. She also told them about her Toe-in principle,which states that each mentee should be at their best behaviour during the course of the program so that the doors of their mentors stays open after the program for others to also benefit from their mentors. She said the program itself is a fifty-fifty contribution by the Foundation and mentees themselves.


Linda Yabrifa took them through the Selection process arrived at to select the 25 of them. A six man independent selection committee was made up of members of civil society groups, a Phamacist from the health sector,a civil servant and a member of a clergy.


Mrs. Keshi examined the mentee Tool Kit with all participants. She adviced them to each develop their own personal vision, development plan and goals for the program,their roles and responsibilities to the program etc.


Sheila Abba a mentee at the 2006 edition of the Youth Mentoring Program was on hand to share her experience with the new mentees.


Mr. Maji Peterx a motivational speaker gave valuable advice to all mentees. He stressed the need for all mentees to believe in themselves so they can stand out in the crowd. He told them to remain formal throughout the duration of the program. He says it is easy to stand in the crowd but it takes courage to stand –out. He said participants should not use the word “I CAN’T” but should should affirm themselves with “ HOW DO I SURMOUNT MY OBSTACLES”


Mentees were shared into five groups to write on their expectations and fears of the mentoring program, why they applied for the program? And how they heard of the program.The following where some of their expectations: Exposure to knowledge and experience of mentors, Leadership and life skills acquisition, To garner experience that will help in the realization of personal vision,goals and aspirations,Building career insights, build long term relationship with mentors,self development,Acquire skills that could be used to build the capacity of other people,Better networking while their fears were Time constraint, How to build a relationship with their mentors, Temperament compatibility, giving up on their mentors expectations,fear of not sustaining relationship with their mentors, fear of not getting their desired expectation amongst others.


Folorunsho Adekugbe a mentee (Alumni) also shared his experience at the 2006 edition of the Youth Mentoring Program.


Mrs Keshi introduce all mentors participating in the 2008 Youth Mentoring Program. We have the following names as mentors:Amb. Joe Keshi, Mrs Amina Ibrahim, Mr Jimmy Atte, Dr. Obaje, Dr Lanre Adebayo, MrS. Eugenia Abu, Prof. Dora Akunyili, Dr Otive Igbuzor, Hajia Maryam Ciroma, Hajia Halima Alao, Hon. Bennie Lar, Dr. Adegoroye, Mr Emmanuel Ijewere, Dr Reuben Abati, Prof. Pat Utomi,Mrs Ndidi Nwuneli, Mrs Amy Oyekunle, Dr Imo Itsueli, Mr Kyari Bukar, Mrs Feyisola Abiru, Dr. Kenneth Adeyemi, Mr Demola Aladekomo and Mrs Folrence  Seriki.


Mentees were anxious about who their mentors were, each mentee was handed an AfriGrowth Youth mentoring barge to give them access to their mentors accompanied by a letter of introduction for their mentors.


Mentees from Lagos and Abuja later picked their partners. The purpose is for them to write to one another sharing their experiences while the program is going on and also form friendship amongst them.


Awoyele Adebayo Adedamola said the closing prayer.



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