Using Literacy as a Tool for Child Development


-Once a child can read, that child is literate


 “Since AfriGrowth Foundation opened a library in my school, I started trying to read with the help of my librarian and now I can read and write easily”Adudu of LEA Primary School Dawaki

“Before AfriGrowth Foundation Library Intervention, most of students were unable to handle books not to mention reading, but now they get so excited about the library and it has ensured that students utilize their library time effectively”  —Mr Kura Emmanuel


Libraries continue to play a major role in fostering literacy, especially among those most needing assistance in developing literacy skills. These sets of people are mostly found in under-served communities. Children who participate in reading programs such as AfriGrowth Reading Activities benefit from the many literacy-related activities offered, aiding significantly in literacy development and in turn encourage pupils to spend significant amount of time with books.


In a bid to improve literacy in Nigeria amongst children, AfriGrowth Foundation through their Child Development Initiative using literacy aims to raise the standard of Literacy in public primary schools in Nigeria. Within the period of five years, The AfriGrowth Literacy Program has enhanced the reading skills of over 30,000 pupils across 5 states in Nigeria. Aimed at primary school children aged between 3 to 15 years, our approach to increase the literacy level of the pupils began with establishments of Libraries in various Local Primary Schools, followed by reading activities with the pupils, and the Reading Competition which will test the impact we have created in the lives of the children. In the year 2018, AfriGrowth Foundation will hold the grand edition of reading competitions for FCT Area Councils in Abuja.

AfriGrowth Foundation Child Development initiative not only helps the winning children, but aims to broaden the academic scope of a new generation of Nigerians and to help them access the education they need to realize their future ambitions. Pupils participating in the competition are coached in spelling, pronunciation and modulation, using specially developed study guides to build their literacy, cognitive writing and numeracy skills. AfriGrowth Foundation’s team actively volunteers to coach pupils, sharing their enthusiasm and celebrating their progress.

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 Adepoyigi John

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