Why Should Nigerian Youths Seek Mentorship?

The necessity for Nigerian Youths to seek mentorship cannot be over-emphasized.  Its good to have someone out there that could help you navigate your career. Having a mentor through certain stages of one’s career or field of study can help answer certain questions that would serve as a guide against mistakes that could be made as you advance in your chosen career path. It has been noted that having a mentor holds some benefits such as;

1-Self Confidence: Having someone to look up to can boost your self-confidence and knowing that you are on the right career path can inspire you to realize that there are no limitations to what you can achieve.

2-Accountability:  Telling your mentor that you would achieve certain goals within a definite time frame holds you accountable. It would drive you to meet the goals on time.

3-Education: The education learnt from mentorship is one that can’t be taught in schools. They are drawn from real life experiences with an incorporation of culture and societal norms.

4-Personal Development- Having a mentor is a great way to build yourself as well, not only will their positive lifestyle rub off on you but also talking through things with people more experienced than yourself can help you learn and grow quicker.

5-Focus: People get too distracted these days. Mentorship helps to put you in check, making sure that you are still on the right path.

6-Reciprocate: Often times, young people feel that they have nothing to offer mentors, but through this platform you get the opportunity to teach a particular skill or trend for example, social media. Be confident when sharing your perspective, which would make the mentor think differently.

As part of AfriGrowth Foundation 10th Anniversary Celebration, AfriGrowth would be launching an Online Mentoring Platform. It is aimed at extending mentorship to reach a wider population. In its aim to pair a youth with an adult mentor, a child with a youth mentor or peer to peer mentorship, the Foundation has decided to launch its online mentorship platform.

The online mentoring platform is one which gives an opportunity  to access noteworthy individuals who possess certain traits and capabilities that can help youths develop a certain career  or ambition. It is connecting with a person through digital interface in order to study a person and learn such characteristics  to drive at a desired ambition.

Seize the opportunity and be a part of this. Visit www.afrigrowth.org to find out more OR register now at www.afrigrowthmentors.org

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