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It was so disheartened when the news of a boy tagged a “witch” broke out in the eastern part of Nigeria; he was starving and riddled with worms after being dumped out by his family for eight months.

Everyone across the world who saw the post on social media wanted to help, thanks to the team that helped this young child out of hunger and suffering.

Through the internet we have found countless number of children suffering and uneducated, and this has made lots of individuals and organizations to help in one way or the other.

We can’t live in this world without help from others because life is all about assisting each other and this is why we encourage parent not to shield their children from the suffering of others, doing otherwise will make children to grow up with more caring and compassionate heart for others.

But do we have to wait till situation turns out like this before we help? With the experience of the child in mind, we realize that situations worse than this can be found in most part of the world, what we need is to look deeper so as to save more lives.

Many people are reluctant to offer help because they have been able to find excuses such as “I am poor”, “I can hardly feed my family”, “I don’t trust any non-profit organization, and donations might not reach the needy”.

If we allow these excuses to stop us from acting, then lots of children will be uneducated, faced with lack of care and die of starvation eventually on daily basis (According to Unicef, Nigeria loses over 2,000 under-five year old due to lack of one support or the other everyday) to help people there should not be any excuse no matter who we are or where we are as long as we are willing to help.

One good way in which you can help is by supporting a cause, a little effort if put together can reduce suffering, illiteracy, poverty and change lives for a better future.

At AfriGrowth Foundation we are keen to change more lives and enhance growth, Join us as we continue to contribute positively to our communities.

Contact us by through email info@afrigrowth .org

Phone Number: 08174858338

Written By Adepoyigi John

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