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As part of its life-changing and value-adding programs for youth development in 2019, AfriGrowth Foundation has developed the Youth Mentoring Seminar Series to avail youth and young Nigerians the noble opportunity to be mentored by distinguished experts, innovators, and leaders in the public, private, and non-profit sectors, in a journey of collective exploration, reflection and growth. The Seminar Series has been designed to guide participants on making informed decisions as regards their career and chosen expertise. The resultant impact of the Series is to build a new generation of self-dependent and hyper-productive youth in Nigeria.

The AfriGrowth Foundation Youth Mentoring Seminar Series is composed of a series of seminars, in which designated Mentors will veritable mentor and guide youth on diverse principles anchored on Enterprise Development; Leadership and Followership; Good Citizenship and Patriotism; Behavioral Change Communication; National Identity and Cohesion; Civic Engagement; Attitudinal Change; Healthy Lifestyles; and Value Reorientation.

Program Goal and Objectives  

The objectives of the Youth Mentoring Series are to:

  • Develop a generation of Nigerian youth with effective leadership skills that can be applied in their various chosen fields of endeavor.
  • Improve youths’ perception of their abilities and talents and how to channel these towards achieving their goals.
  • Enhance the managerial and team-building skills of youth participants.
  • Develop the creative and innovative potential of young Nigerians.
  • Re-awaken the consciousness of the foundational leadership structures that gave birth to the nation Nigeria in the youth and also the respect for the values upheld by the founding leaders of the country.

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